Senior Frontend Developer

Permanent employee, Full-time · Remote

About the Job
Join us as a Senior Frontend Developer for the CreativeEditor SDK at IMG.LY, where you’ll be an integral part of our development team. We are passionate about technology and design, creating innovative solutions for various industries. Our SDKs empower over 600 startups, governments, and Fortune 500 companies by making stunning design accessible to everyone.

As a fully remote company, we offer the flexibility to manage your own time and place, allowing you to bring design tools to every corner of the world. Our culture values written documentation, open communication, and collaboration. Choose your Batcave and join us!

We are dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive team that reflects a variety of perspectives and experiences. A diverse workplace fosters creativity and innovation, and we welcome candidates from all backgrounds. Our inclusive culture ensures everyone can thrive and contribute to our mission.

In this role, you will develop and enhance interactive components that elevate both developer experience (DX) and user experience (UX) for our innovative design and video editing tools. You’ll collaborate closely with our design and product teams to create a user interface that excels in usability, accessibility, and customizability. Additionally, you will contribute to our in-house creative engine, UBQ, which is a portable cloud-native runtime for creative editing built in C++ and compiled to WebAssembly for our web editor.

Your Role
  • Component Development: Develop and maintain composable components with well-defined APIs using React and TypeScript.
  • Feature Implementation: Propose and evaluate new features and improvements, participating in strategic planning and team collaboration.
  • Code Quality: Ensure high standards of code architecture, quality, and performance.
  • UI/UX Enhancement: Collaborate with designers to enhance UI interactions and ensure a high-quality, accessible user experience.
  • Testing and Reviews: Implement and maintain robust testing strategies, conduct thorough code reviews, and manage version control using Git and GitHub.
  • Performance Optimization: Optimize the performance and scalability of the CreativeEditor SDK.
Your profile
  • Clear Communication: Able to explain technical concepts clearly and effectively to both technical and non-technical team members.
  • Technical Skills: Strong proficiency in JavaScript frameworks, especially React, and a good understanding of TypeScript.
  • Modular Design: Experience in building modular and reusable software components.
  • Independent Worker: Comfortable managing your own time and tasks with minimal supervision.
  • Team Player: Enjoys building positive relationships and collaborating with colleagues.
  • Curiosity and Learning: Eagerness to learn new technologies and methodologies. Passion for technology and development, staying up-to-date with industry trends.
  • English Skills: Good command of English to facilitate effective communication and collaboration.
  • Excellent Communication: Both verbal and written, for clear and effective interactions.
  • Team Spirit: Strong team spirit and cultural fit, promoting a positive and collaborative work environment.

Your Skills

  • Code Architecture and Quality: Skilled in designing and maintaining modular, high-quality, scalable, and easy-to-understand code.
  • Composable Components: Experience in writing composable code and building components with well-defined APIs.
  • UI Development: Proficiency in CSS, including pre-processors like SASS/SCSS, and understanding of accessibility standards.
  • Performance Optimization: Knowledge of optimizing performance and scalability of applications.
  • Testing and Version Control: Proficiency in testing and TDD methodologies, including experience with testing frameworks such as Playwright or Cypress. Strong understanding of code reviewing and version control systems (Git, GitHub).
  • Build Systems and Package Management: Knowledge of build systems, mono-repos, and package publishing is a big plus.

At IMG.LY, we provide permanent contracts and offer competitive compensation. For those living in Germany, we offer employment contracts. Outside of Germany, we hire through an Employer of Record (DEEL) to ensure you are equally protected and covered. We embrace a thriving remote work culture, allowing you to design your work life flexibly. We support professional development, and every quarter, we break the routine with fun remote and in-person events, culminating in an all-expenses-paid team hideout once a year to stunning global locations.
Let’s talk business
Tell us what you’ve been working on in the past and where you see yourself in the future. The most recent projects are enough; we don’t care who you were 10 years ago, we care who you are now and where you are heading! Any sample project is worth more than a thousand words.
The hiring process begins with a 30-minute discussion focused on cultural fit and introducing IMG.LY as an organization, conducted by our People Experience Manager. Following this, you may receive a “take-home” assignment, estimated to require about three hours to complete. If your submission meets our standards, the next step will be a review and technical discussion with potential future colleagues. This is followed by meetings with both your prospective Team Lead and our CEO. After these steps, we will proceed to the decision-making phase.
What you get out of it
  • Vacation Time: Enjoy at least 25 days of vacation.
  • Premium Equipment: Whether you prefer a MacBook or any other tools, we provide top-of-the-line gear to create your ideal workspace.
  • Professional Development: We actively encourage and support your participation in conferences and meet-ups, whether you’re sharing your insights or learning from others.
  • Monthly Co-Working Space Allowance: To provide you with a flexible and dynamic environment for your work.
About us
IMG.LY is a dynamic and product led company with a distributed team delivering the market-leading solution for photo, video, and creative editing across industries. Our fully-customizable SDKs powers over millions of video and photo creations every month, as well as thousands of apps. Whether it's powering Marketing Tech, enhancing Print-on-Demand Services, elevating Social Media Apps, or supporting Creative Agencies, IMG.LY is the go-to choice. For renowned brands like Amazon, Brother, HP, and Hootsuite for their user's creative editing needs. Our close-knit team of over 50 individuals is composed of tech-savvy, creative, and open-minded professionals who prioritize transparency and open communication.
Join our creative invasion
Just shoot us a message. Don't worry about not matching all the bullet points. Let's be honest, no one does. Send us a piece of code like a link to your GitHub repository or a personal project app that you are quite proud of. Links to GitHub and a CV and a cover letter would also be cute as a button. 
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