Solutions Engineer (Web)

Permanent employee, Full-time · Remote

About the Job
We are looking for a Solutions Engineer to help drive customer success relations. Solution Engineers at IMG.LY are the primary technical field experts, responsible for actively driving the technical part of the sales and customer experience. This includes explaining and showcasing how our Software Development Kits (SDKs) work and how they can be used to solve customers’ problems and deliver value.
Your Role
  • Cooperate with our customers and help them leverage the full potential of our technologies
  • Build demo applications and tutorials to showcase
  • Adapt demo applications to the specific needs of customers to help them succeed quickly
  • Talk to fellow developers to help them integrate and adapt our SDKs to their needs.
  • Gain an understanding of customer business needs and identify opportunities where our SDKs can bring added value to the customers.
  • Collaborate with the platform and core teams that build our UBQ Engine and our CE.SDK in terms of Developer Experience.
  • Be essential in improving the developer and customer experience and product versatility by leveraging our technologies to build multiple demonstrators and appliances
  • (Optional) Record tutorial videos showcasing the possibilities of our SDK
Your profile
  • Fluent English communication skills
  • Proven experience in developing web applications
  • Used to speak and deliver value for customers and fellow developers
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • You have expertise in developing professional frontends in any of the top UI Frameworks (e.g., React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, or similar UI libraries)
  • Expertise in creating small backends with modern technologies (e.g., Next.js, Ruby on Rails, Elixir, or similar technologies)
  • Experience preserving and ensuring code quality with automated tests (e.g., Cypress or similar)
  • Passionate about developing creative tools that help create stunning content
  • (Optional) Experience in creating video and blog tutorial
Let’s talk business
To ensure you stay on track until here on the description, please write your current location in the application form in parentheses next to your surname.
That would help us to filter mass applications and focus on potential applicants.

Furthermore, we are interested the projects you’ve been working on, some code, or anything that you want to show us. Pack these into your application and let's have a remote cup of coffee. ☕

Location: Remote - Europe
Salary: €60k-€80k based on skill, level, and the type of employment
Start Date: As soon as possible

What you get out of it
We have multiple tech teams sized around 4-8 engineers each, led by one engineer manager. Altogether, we have about 30 engineers at IMG.LY. Our Team structure revolves around the different layers of our SDKs. The engine team is responsible for the core business logic written in C++. The platform teams (iOS, Android, Web, etc.) focus on platform-specific implementations, language bindings, and User Interfaces on top of the C++ Core. Our solutions team works with our technology to build showcases and work directly with our enterprise customers. Location-wise, all teammates are scattered all over Europe and working in a remote-first setting. Also, we have small offices in Bochum and Berlin where everyone can hang around. Every year we get the team together for a fantastic trip to hang out and get to know each other in person.

We are building SDKs for many platforms. Our business logic layer is implemented in C/C++ and shared between all our platforms. For each platform like Web, iOS, Android, and so forth, we widely use TypeScript and React, Swift and Swift-UI, Kotlin, and Jetpack Compose. Due to the nature of our product, we need to get our hands on almost every platform-specific language and UI system, for example, React-Native and Flutter. On the infrastructure side, we still have some services in Ruby on Rails but have started migrating everything to TypeScript and using more and more

Company Profile
IMG.LY is a vibrant remote-first company with headquarters in Germany. We empower developers to build fantastic software across all industries by providing them with beautiful photo–, video– and creative–editing SDKs. Customers like Amazon, Brother, HP, and Hootsuite trust our solutions as we ensure fast and smooth integrations for accelerated product development and time-to-market. You will work with tech-savvy, creative, and open-minded peers who enjoy building great products that empower developers. We value transparency and over-communication – that is how we keep pushing forward as an international team of over 50 people. We’re committed to continually improving, being open to failure, and allowing ourselves to tinker with new ideas.
Work Environment
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Four or Five-day workweek option
  • Twenty-five days up to 30 days of holidays
  • Remote work by default, but relocation to Germany is possible
  • Apple MacBook Pros
  • Keyboard Mouse, Monitors, and all you need for work
  • Budget for other office equipment such as Chairs, Tables, etc.
  • Quarterly team remote events to have fun with the team aside from day-to-day business
  • Yearly team hideouts at varying locations in the world, fully paid and organized (previous venues included California and Lisbon)
  • Regular internal Talks@IMG.LY sessions with external guest speakers
  • We encourage you to speak at and visit conferences and meet-ups.
  • We conduct regular Hackdays to tinker with new technologies or use our software to build cool things.
  • Fund for OpenSource projects that we love and use
  • Budget for visiting HQ in Bochum and Berlin
Join our creative invasion
Just shoot us a message. Don't worry about not matching all the bullet points. Let's be honest, no one does. Send us a piece of code like a link to your GitHub repository or a personal project app that you are quite proud of. Links to GitHub and a CV and a cover letter would also be cute as a button. 
If you experience problems in uploading your documents, please email them to 

We don't need a novel as a cover letter. A polished CV or your LinkedIn profile can be a safe bet. But, we are far more interested in the projects you’ve been working on, some code, or anything that you want to show us. Rise above the noise and let's have a remote cup of coffee. ☕

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