Quality Assurance Engineer

Permanent employee, Full-time · Remote

About the Job
IMG.LY is an industry-leading provider of photo–, video– and creative–editing Software Development Kits (SDKs). Thousands of customers, from Fortune 100 businesses to startups, are using our solutions to empower their products and services. This year, IMG.LY started rolling out the Creative Engine, a powerful and disruptive technology enabling customers to build any creative tool, workflow, or infrastructure with just a few lines of code.

At IMG.LY, we care deeply about our product quality. As such, we’re looking for a Quality Assurance Engineer to make sure features meet their product requirements, and we don’t introduce any bugs, performance issues, or regressions. Primarily, the role focuses on our SDKs and solutions, but you might also get in touch with other projects, such as our website or customer portal. For this, you’ll work closely with our engineering and product teams.
Your Role
  • Join feature kick-off meetings and extract key product requirements
  • Validate product requirements are met during the review phase of a new feature
  • Cover new and existing functionality with test cases and keep test suites up-to-date. Make valuable test case reviews and participate in test strategy creation.
  • Perform testing activities aiming to identify bugs, regressions, and performance issues
  • Write detailed, easily understandable bug reports with clear steps to reproduce
  • Regularly and proactively report status to cross-functional partners
  • You’ll help coordinate user and developer tests
Your profile
  • Minimum 3 years of experience testing web and mobile software products
  • Fluent English communication skills
  • Proven experience with several types of testing (frontend, backend, automation, usability, or a specific platform, such as web, iOS, or Android). Good knowledge and understanding of software testing methodologies and techniques.
  • Ability to understand the needs of our customers and end users and the impact of a feature on them
  • Ability to plan and execute testing on small to medium-sized features with moderate complexity at a minimum. Ideally, experience with testing large features with high complexity.
  • Your testing is informed by reasonable assumptions (e.g. frontend vs. engine changes)
  • You have good attention to detail and consistently notice bugs that might not be caught otherwise
  • You write test cases that cover common edge cases. Ideally, you’re comfortable covering complex edge cases.
  • You prioritize test coverage based on straightforward criteria (e.g. happy path vs. not, customer impact, etc.)
What you get out of it
QA Team
The QA team works very closely with both the product, as well as the engineering teams and currently consists of 2 QA engineers. While both teams have requirements for the QA team’s work and processes, it is largely self-organized in the distribution and organization of tasks and your own input will be very valuable in continuously shaping the teams’ way of working.
The product and engineering teams work with the Shape Up methodology, splitting work into roughly six-week-long cycles and shipping a new release at the end of each cycle. Each engineering team is sized around 4-8 engineers, led by one engineering manager. The team structure revolves around the different layers of our SDKs and business, such as core, platform-specific, or solutions.

Location-wise, all teammates are scattered all over Europe and working in a remote-first setting, but we also have small offices in Bochum and Berlin where everyone can hang around. Every year we get the team together for a fantastic trip to hang out and get to know each other in person.

We are building SDKs for many platforms. Our business logic layer is implemented in C/C++ and shared between all our platforms. For each platform like web, iOS, or Android, we use TypeScript and React, Swift and SwiftUI, or Kotlin and Jetpack Compose respectively. Due to the nature of our product, we need to get our hands on almost every platform-specific language and UI system. In addition, we need to support every significant cross-platform SDK, such as React Native or Flutter. On the infrastructure side, we still have some services in Ruby on Rails, but have started migrating everything to TypeScript and using more and more serverless approaches.

Company Profile
IMG.LY is a vibrant remote-first company with headquarters in Germany. We empower developers to build fantastic software across all industries by providing them with beautiful photo–, video– and creative–editing SDKs. Customers like Amazon, Brother, HP, and Hootsuite trust our solutions as we ensure fast and smooth integrations for accelerated product development and time-to-market. You will work with tech-savvy, creative, and open-minded peers who enjoy building great products that empower developers. We value transparency and over-communication – that is how we keep pushing forward as an international team of over 50 people. We’re committed to continually improving, being open to failure, and allowing ourselves to tinker with new ideas.

Join our creative invasion
Just shoot us a message. Don't worry about not matching all the bullet points. Let's be honest, no one does. Send us a piece of code like a link to your GitHub repository or a personal project app that you are quite proud of. Links to GitHub and a CV and a cover letter would also be cute as a button. 
If you experience problems in uploading your documents, please email them to jobs@img.ly. 

We don't need a novel as a cover letter. A polished CV or your LinkedIn profile can be a safe bet. But, we are far more interested in the projects you’ve been working on, some code, or anything that you want to show us. Rise above the noise and let's have a remote cup of coffee. ☕

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